Best flea collar for puppy – Dog Flea & Tick Collars Review

Have you ever thought about why it is so important to save your puppy from the fleas? Well, if your puppy got an exposure of one flea accidentally, then after three weeks their number would be 1000. The infestation of fleas not only makes your puppy uncomfortable. But, also fleas can cause several health problems in the puppies like anemia, anorexia, allergic reactions, infections, and many skin diseases. There are many ways to get rid of this sticky creature. One of the best ways to get rid of these fleas is to use the Best flea collar for puppy.

There are two basic types of flea collars to consider for your puppy. One type is called the repellent flea collar, this type of flea collar release some natural ingredients that repel flea. This type of collar is best if you are taking some pre-preventions for your puppy. But, if unfortunately, your dog has got exposed to the flea, then I will suggest you consider the second type of flea collar. This type of collar works to release some chemicals that kill fleas. The following are the 10 best flea collars on the market.

Top 10 best flea collars for puppies in 2021

1. Saresto flea collar

Seresto flea collar

Veterinarians from all over the world are agreed that the saresto flea collar is one of the flea collars. It is a type of flea collar that releases some chemicals to kill fleas. Most people stress over the thing that either the chemicals of the flea collar are safe for our puppy or not? If you are using a saresto flea collar, then don’t worry about that. Because the chemical released by this collar is 100% safe for your puppy. The collar is not only safe but also it is astoundingly proficient in doing its job.

This is one of the best flea collars for puppies. You can start using this collar after your puppy is 12 weeks old. This collar is multifunctional, it works to kill ticks, lice, and it also destroys their larvae and eggs. So, this collar worths your money. Another advantage of this collar is that you don’t need to remove this collar while your puppy is taking shower or while swimming because it is waterproof.

  • Efficient to kill fleas and their larvae
  • Water-resistant
  • Safe to use in puppies of 12 weeks and up
  • Gives reliable protection from fleas for 8 months
  • Some customers might find it costly

2. Sobaken flea and tick collar

Sobaken flea and tick collar

As the name is showing, it is a dual functional collar, it can be used to get rid of ticks and fleas. This flea control collar has the most reasonable price with reliable quality. The collar provides flea and tick control for 8 months. If your dog tends to have any kind of skin allergy, then go for this product. Because the hypoallergenic technology of this collar saves your puppy from any kind of allergy and gives no abrasive damage to the skin.

The collar secretes natural oil like spearmint, Citronelle to kill the sticky fleas, but these oils are a bit more scanty. If your puppy can handle this scant, then you should go for this collar. The collar is waterproof, the strap of the collar is 25cm long, so you can also use it on large dogs.

  • Affordable
  • Effective to kill fleas and ticks
  • Natural and hypoallergic
  • Effective for 8 months
  • Can be used for the dog of all ages
  • Chemicals of the collar are scanty

3. Arava Flea and tick botanical collar

Arava Flea and tick botanical

As the name is showing, the collar uses 100% natural ingredients to kill fleas and ticks. The formulation of the chemical is safe to use in the puppies of all breeds. This collar is designed by the veterinarian and the dermatologist. To ensure the safety of pets and pet parents. 

This collar is super easy to use. You can select the desired length of the collar and then cut the extra part, but make sure to keep the collar a bit loose. So, it may not make your dog uncomfortable. If you don’t prefer using heavy chemicals for the treatment of fleas and so, you are looking for a herbal solution. Then, this collar is the best choice for your puppy. But one thing that may annoy you is the heavy smell of the oils. if you are okay with the strong smell of the natural oil, then this collar will save your dog from fleas.

  • Adjustable and effective
  • 100% natural
  • Effective for multiple species of insects
  • Effective for 6 months
  • The strong scent of natural oils

4. Hartz UltraGurad Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies

Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick

Keeping the quality in mind Hartz UltraGuard is the most economical collar in the market. It protects by killing the ticks and mites, and also it prevents the larvae and eggs from hatching. If your puppy is already infested, this collar will first kill the already housed fleas, and in the future, it will repel fleas. Although the price is quite cheap, yet there is no compromise on quality. This is one of the best flea collars in the market, and also it is one of the favourite products of pet parents.

You don’t need to worry if your dog Is wandering after wearing this collar because the collar has waterproof technology. One of the best features of this collar is that you can wear this collar simultaneously with the training collar.

The only downside of this collar is that it releases a chemical called Tetrachlovinphos. This chemical can be potentially harmful to your puppy. It can cause nausea and unconsciousness, and it has a heavy scent. So, if you or your puppy is allergic to heavy chemicals, then this collar is not an ideal option for you.

  • Effective for 7 months
  • Affordable
  • Provides treatment and protection against fleas
  • Waterproof
  • Strong scent
  • The principal chemical may cause toxicity in pet and pet parent

5. ADAMS PLUS flea and tick collar for dog

ADAM PLUS flea and tick

Since this collar is waterproof, you can wear this collar while your puppy is having outdoor training. It provides continuous protection from the tick, fleas, and their larvae and eggs for continuous 7 months. This is one of the most effective collars that can even kill adult fleas proficiently, and it will also work when it is wet because of its waterproof technology. The collar provides full-body protection.

This collar will protect your puppy with IGR. The principal chemicals that protect the flea are Tetraclovinphor and Methoprene. These chemicals stop the infestation of the fleas and also kill already present fleas. 

  • Affordable
  • 7 months of protection
  • Effective to kill fleas on all life stages
  • Waterproof and control fleas population with IGR
  • The chemical released by the collar can cause toxicity in some dogs
  • Not recommended in the pets that scent sensitive

6. VET`s best flea and tick repellent collar for puppies

VETs best flea

The collar is specifically designed by the vets for the best protection. Whether you are wearing this collar for routine protection or for heavy infestation, this collar is proficient to do its job. The best thing about this collar is that the veterinarian has chosen the potential chemicals very vigilantly. All the chemicals of the collar that protects the dog from fleas provide no potential harm to the dog, and the pet owner.

This collar is one of the best flea collars for puppy, because of its natural ingredients. The cooler is cheap yet effective. The collar protects against fleas for 4 months.

  • Natural ingredients and effective formula
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Affordable
  • No heavy scents
  • Protect for only 4 months

7. SALVO flea and tick collar for dogs

Rolf Club 3D Collar

If you want a collar that could provide instant protection against fleas. Then SALVO flea and tick collar is the best flea collar for your puppy. Like the VET`s best tick and flea collar, the chemical formulation of this collar has all the natural ingredients. In addition to instant action, Another most amazing feature of this collar is that the odor of this collar is neither heavy nor unpleasant. So, if you or your puppy is scent allergic, then you should go for this collar.

Like all the above-mentioned collars this collar is also safe to use in puppies. The package came with a pair of the collar, and these two collars would be enough to protect from the fleas and ticks throughout the year. The design of the collar meets the instructions of the environmental protection agency. So, buy this collar without any fear. The collar is 100% safe to use.

  • The single collar protects for 6 months
  • Affordable
  • Pleasant smell and safe to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Some customers said that they notice fleas on the tail of their puppy

8. Rolf Club 3D Collar for dogs

SALVO flea and tick

Rolf Club is also one of the best flea and tick collars. The collar is made on german technology and provides active protection for more than 6 months. The chemical formulation of the collar is semi-natural. The main chemical ingredient of the collar is Fipronil. It is one of the most trusted chemical to treat insects. This effective collar starts its action within 24-48 hours. Initially, it starts its action by rippling fleas and then starts destroying already present fleas, ticks, and their larvae.

The collar is super easy to use, and also it is perfect for dogs of all ages. The collar is tested by the veterinarian’s, it provides no potential harm to the dogs, and also the collar doesn’t not through any strange scent.

  • No potential harm
  • Protection for more than 6 months
  • Cost-effective
  • Hypoallergic
  • Some clients complained that the strap of the collar is not durable

9. ALZOO Diffusing Dog Collar

ALZOO Diffusing

If you are looking for an affordable yet natural solution to get rid of the fleas of your puppy. Then, ALZOO diffusing dog collar is the right choice for you. This collar is included in the list of the top 10 best fleas collar because it provides a natural remedy against insects. But you might feel the smell of the collar a little more strong. The odor of this collar is due to an ingredient called Clove. Clove gives a strong scent.

Make sure to unwarp the collar one day before the application. ALZOO diffusing collar protects your puppies for 4 months. For reliable protection against fleas, it is recommended to use ALZOO spray and collar simultaneously.

  • No artificial chemical
  • Effective to protect against fleas for 4 months
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Strong smell
  • Some clients have reported that the collar is not reliable in case of heavy flea infestation

10. Biospot active care flea and tick collar

Biospot active care

The collar is also good to provide protection against fleas and tick. Waterproof technology of the collar protects against sticking insects while swimming or outdoor training. The collar protects for 5 months.

The collar is cost-effective, and also it is safe to use in puppies. As it is recommended to use a flea collar after 8 weeks of age. But, if your dog has caught fleas at an early age, and you are looking for a flea collar, then the Biospot collar is a good option for you. If your puppy is 6 weeks old, then you can use this collar. It will not cause any potential harm to your puppy.

  • Protect against fleas, ticks, nymph, and larvae
  • Effective protection for 5 months
  • Waterproof and affordable
  • Not recommended in large dogs
  • Doesn`t provides long-lasting protection

Buyer`s Guide

Annoying fleas and ticks can cause severe skin infections in puppies, they suck blood and cause potential weakness. And also fleas are the vectors of many harmful diseases. You need to take preventive measures to avoid all these conditions. Many pet parents find it hectic to use any topical or oral medications as they require a regular application. In this case, a flea and collar Is a good alternative.

All the above-described collars provide effective protection against fleas. You can choose any of them as they all work well. But if you are a newbie and never have bought a flea collar before, then choosing a flea collar could be a hassle for you. But don’t worry, we are here to solve the problem for you. If you are buying the flea collar for the first time, then there are the following features you should check when buying a flea collar for your puppy.


Whatever tick collar you are choosing, make sure that tick collar has effectiveness for a few months. Choose the collar that could provide effectiveness for several months.

Multiple actions

Prefer a tick collar that has multiple actions. Choose a tick collar that is effective to destroy several stages of tick lifestyle and a collar that is effective against other insects.


You should check the price of the collar before buying a flea collar. choose a cost-effective collar.


Vigilantly choose the durability of the collar before buying. Buy a collar that can withstand several environmental conditions. Also, check the durability of the strap of the collar.


Several products mention possible side effects in the instruction. So, Before buying a flea collar, do not ever forget to read the instruction

Check the age limit of the collar

Do check the age limit before buying a flea collar. It is recommended to use a flea collar after 8 weeks of age. It is not recommended to use a flea collar below 8 weeks of age. But if your puppy is younger than 8 weeks then Biospot active flea collar is safe to use.

Natural flea and tick collar

The artificial chemical-based collar can cause several harms. So, buy a flea collar that has natural ingredients.

Final Verdict

The flea collar repels and kills the fleas significantly if used effectively and continuously. All the top 10 best flea collars for puppies are effective. If we have to choose the best product out of 10, then our choice would be the Serseto flea collar. Seresto flea collar boosts the best features like it is safe to use in puppies. The collar is super effective to protect against fleas, and also it does not through up any unwanted scent. There are a lot of features of this collar that can not be overlooked. The only downside of this collar is that it is a bit costly than other products.

In the end, we would like to say that it is obvious that we all want our puppies to live a healthy life. So, we use a flea collar to save them from fleas. But before buying a flea collar, make sure to read all the instructions and caution, and so follow all the instructions of use. If you feel any change in behaviour of your puppy after using a flea collar, then stop using the collar immediately, and do consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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