What is the dog shock collar?

What is the shock collar


A dog shock collar or a remote control neck collar is a type of training collars. The use of the shock collar started in the 1960s. But certainly, the shock collars of the present time boosts the best features. The modified shock collars have several new features and qualities. Unlike the old shock collars, which used to deliver only a certain level of shock.

Modern shock collars

The modern shock collars have a wide variety of options like beep, vibration, and shock. Using these options the users can easily select the desired level of stimulation for the training.

Modern electric shock collars are radio-controlled electric devices. An electric signal or command is sent with the help of a remote. The electric device of the collar translates the electric command and acts accordingly. Electric shock collars can deliver different levels of stimulation. Minimum stimulation Is electric trickling, and the maximum Is electric shock(maximum safe limit).

Types of shock collars

Different types of shock collars are available in the market. These shock collars have a variety of applications. With the help of a shock collar. You can train your dog for hunting, compliance training, and behavior modification. Additionally, you can use a shock collar to train a deaf dog. By using beep mode you can give the command for attention. And by using vibration mode you can command your dog to correct its behavior. Here is the list of 10-best-shock-collar-for-German-shepherd that you need to know.

How to use electric shock collars

Now the question arises, that how you can use electric shock collars to get the desired action from your dog? Initially, You can use shock collars to give commands to a dog to do stuff like sit, stand, retrieve, and heel. For example, you gave a command to your dog to stand up. After command, you need to give a low level of stimulation to the neck of the dog through an electric shock collar. The dog will get a clue.

You can give your four-footed friend a positive punishment with the help of a shock collar. If your dog got scared by the people, or by other dogs, or it barks and lounge at people. You can use electric shock collars to correct this behavior. Whenever your dog showed a certain unwanted behavior. You can give them a positive punishment in the form of shock.

After repeated punishments, your dog will develop a behavior in which they start to relate the punishment with their behavior. After they develop behavior successfully, your next electric stimulation will refrain them from doing unwanted things.

Is shock collars save for dog?

Shock collars are excessively used in military training. With the help of shock collars, trainers train military dogs for searching and surveillance purpose.

In the past, there was several news of negative use of these shock collars. That’s why several countries have banned the use of these shock collars. So, before using any of the shock collars make sure to read all the instructions of use. And also read all the warnings given because some shock collars are specific. They can be used for a certain age and breed.